Price of a study abroad program

The prices of the study abroad programs are subject to a lot of changes and those appearing in these pages are only meant to give our clients an idea of what the price could be.

We are dedicated to offer our clients a personalized product, fitting their specific needs. Depending on the destination, the time of year, the length of the language immersion and the special products you could wish to add to your program, the prices will differ from those found on this Web site.

Is airfare included in the price?
We do not include the cost of the plane tickets in our prices because the departures and extent of the study abroad programs can vary, as well as the airports and air transportation companies used. Also, as we do not book group departures, except for school groups, the prices are more subject to last minute favorable changes. Finally, we prefer searching according to your specific needs.

For example, you could wish to study abroad in Malaga, Spain, for 4 weeks and then come back through Paris after staying there for a length of 2 weeks. These kinds of modifications would considerably change the price of the plane tickets from what we could have anticipated.

Foretelling the ticket prices comes down to planning the highest possible fees. If you should decide to travel during low season, your trip would cost you a lot less than the expected price. It is to avoid these wrong predictions that we do not include the price of the plane tickets.

Before booking, it is best to have a good idea of the date on which you wish to start your language immersion. This permits a better cost evaluation. Also, you should prepare an alternative date in the eventuality that the price should be too great. Study Abroad VTE offers its plane tickets at competitive prices.

Talk to one of our agents, she will advise you and, will put up with you the program that fits you the best.


Please contact the agency to confirm the published price or for any question you may have regarding our language programmes.

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