Lodging during a study abroad program

Study Abroad VTE suggests staying with a host family. These are always subject to a rigorous selection by the language school and we favor the families that have been appreciated by former students. This type of lodging will also give you best value for your money.

We also offer other types of lodging. The lodging in student residences will help you meet new friends and practice your new language with people of diverse origins and cultures.

Finally, for those who prefer more intimacy and comfort, there is always the apartment or the hotel stay.

How are the host families chosen?
Host families are enrolled by the school’s lodging responsible. They have to fill in the formal questionnaires and be evaluated by the means of an interview conducted inside their home. Each family commits itself to welcoming students warmly in a pleasant environment.

Proximity of the house to the language school or easy access to mass transportation is one of the criteria for selection.

What’s more, thanks to our past students’ evaluations and commentaries, we have created a directory of the best host families. It allows us to always offer the highest lodging quality to our clients.

How is determined the pairing?
When you book a study abroad program, you will have to fill in a form and answer some questions for the selection of your host family. Your answers will give us precious information on how to choose your family: allergies, health issues, smoking or non smoking, children, pets, etc.

Afterwards, we will transmit this information to the school so that they can select an appropriate family, one sharing the most affinities with you. An open mind remains necessary for the smoothest adaptation to this new environment.

We usually receive the details about the host family approximately two weeks before departure.


Please contact the agency to confirm the published price or for any question you may have regarding our language programmes.

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