Learn Spanish and Spanish art history for Adults

Meant for those who want to know everything about Spanish art history, the courses will let you better your comprehension of the many works of art you will encounter while you learn Spanish in Spain.

During your linguistic immersion in Spain, you will be surrounded with architectural monuments, paintings and sculptures reflecting the periods of Spanish history, from the beginnings to the 21st century.

But, it is often difficult to truly appreciate an estranged culture’s works of art. Here is where the Spanish and art history program comes in.

Intended for those who want to learn about Spanish history, these lessons will give you a better understanding of the influential masterpieces you are sure to come across. You will study Roman and Arab influence in Spanish art. You will identify the different architectural styles: múdejar, Art Nouveau, Modernism and Baroque. You will study pieces by Goya, Velázquez, Picasso, Miró and Dalí and many more.

For this Spanish courses special program, an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish is necessary. The program includes 20 + 5 lessons per week:

  • 10 language lessons,
  • 10 Spanish art history lessons
  • 5 Spanish culture lessons.

To these are added activities and excursions organized by the teachers: museums and cultural centers tours.


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