Learn Spanish and salsa or flamenco for Adults

Learn Spanish and the way to salsa or the enticing flamenco steps in this language immersion study abroad special program in Malaga, Spain. This 2 week course combines 20 Spanish lessons a week and 2 dance lessons a day.

Spanish and salsa: since some time now, Latin dances have gained a lot of popularity worldwide. This tendency has consequently increased the demand for combinations of Spanish courses and salsa lessons.

Spanish and sevillanas: Andalusia is the cradle of the flamenco and its most danced version is without a doubt the "las sevillanas". This dance, practiced by Andalusians of all ages, is very much in vogue in nightclubs, private parties and mostly during the Feria, Malaga’s festival in the streets.

The dance courses are intended for beginners or more advanced dancers.


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