Learn Spanish and deep-sea diving (Sosua) for Adults

Some Spanish lessons under palm trees in the morning, and in the afternoon, deep-sea diving in the turquoise blue Caribbean waters. Treat yourself to a Spanish immersion in the Dominican Republic and explore its fascinating undersea world.

The bay of Sosua was created by two great reefs which make for perfect diving conditions. Explore coral gardens, deep faults, a shipwreck and a freshwater cave before relaxing on the golden sand of the beach, under the sun and the coconut trees.

The school of German administration cumulates more than ten years of experience. It will take you to 19 different diving sites.

Safety is always a priority and, for security, lessons are always given by groups of four students maximum. The diving courses are certified by the PADI and, once completed, they will give you a license to dive in all corners of the world.

Lessons for every level of competence can be taken, in Spanish language as well as in deep-sea diving.


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