Study abroad in Granada

Come visit Grenade, is the south of Spain! Get lost in the maze of paved streets on the hill of Albayzin, where you can hear the echoes of its Moresque past. Study in our language school where you can admire the famous Alhambra palace (part of the world heritage of UNESCO), as the flamingo dancers keep rhythm to the sound of guitars.

Grenade, in Andalusia, fascinates poets, musicians and travellers from the entire world with its unique mixture of Arabian and Christian architecture, its lights and contrast. In town you will be able to see the foot prints of it’s past. The best of both worlds, only 60 km from the sea and the Sierra Nevada at your feet, so you hit the beach in the morning and do some skiing (between November and aril) in the afternoon. The very active social life of the town spills into the streets with restaurants and tap as bars. With is mixture of culture, history, Mediterranean temperatures, a multitude of cultural and sportive activities and we can always find a tango or a flamenco and an Andalusia's guitarist!

Our language school that has more than 20 years of Spanish teaching experience is a virtual maze of stairs, caves, classrooms and terraces. The language course and cultural, history and Spanish literature workshops bring the school to a superior level where you can also take advantage of its breath taking views. From the exterior courtyard you have access to the library (which holds more than 1200 volumes), a student lounge and the computer room with internet. For students with laptops free wifi internet is provided as well as access to a fax, public phones, and an audio library with more than 200 albums. Why not explore more in depth the Andalusia’s cultural by taking a flamenco class in one of the school’s caves? Get inspired by the murals of flamenco dancers on the walls.

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