Study abroad in Buenos Aires

Visitors to Buenos Aires are always struck by its sophistication and European feel. A huge city of over 12 million inhabitants, it nevertheless remains astonishingly safe and clean, and is inarguably South America’s most elegant and busy capital.

Buenos Aires represents the essence of Argentine culture, which is not surprising when you consider that 40% of the country’s population lives in the city and its suburbs. At the same time, the cosmopolitan nature of the Buenos Aires is ever-present in its international citizens, modern architecture, local and ethnic restaurants, shopping districts, and attractive individuality of each neighborhood.

If you look beyond the daily hustle and bustle, you will also find that traditions are preserved around every corner. Tango spirit and expressivity pervade the city’s parks, plazas and halls, exposing the passionate side of this unique society. Not quite Latin, not quite European, Buenos Aires is a fascinating world capital that immediately draws in its visitors and makes them fall in love with all its peculiarities and charms.


Our language school is found in the center of downtown, near the « Mayo » and « 9 de Julio »,  Avenues, where you can also find numerous theatres, restaurants, bars, shops and cinemas. Close to the financial district, the Obelisco and the National Congress Center, only 5 minutes walk to the closest metro station. Even if Buenos Aires is a metropolitan city, you won’t have any trouble getting around with the public transportation.

Our school holds a capacity of 200 students at a time; it has 20 spacious and well lit classrooms, a computer room with free internet, a TV room, cafeteria, patios and balconies, air conditioning, central heat and ventilation.

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